Our range of professional services cut across the following:

(a) Valuation of properties and assets for variety of purposes including Rating, Mortgage, Insurance, Accounting/Financial Reports, Privatization, Rental or Sale/Purchase, Market Capitalization, Merger and/or takeover bids.

(b) Sale/Purchase of proprieties for and on behalf of clients.

(c) Letting/Leasing of properties on behalf of clients.

(d) Management of properties of all kinds (Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Agriculture).

(e) Facility Management.

(f) Feasibility/Appraisal on proposed projects.

(g) Project Development and Management.

(h) General Real Estate Consultancy Services including advice on Land use, Planing and Administration.


Valuation generally speaking involves the determination, at a particular time, of the value or worth of an interest in property for a particular purpose. The asset could be land and buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, fittings and equipment even goodwill. More so, it could also be necessary to carry out periodic revaluation of the assets of companies due to sporadic increase in prices occasioned by the unstable exchange rate. However, property assets embracing furniture, land and buildings, office equipment, motor vehicles and other floating assets (including goodwill) could jointly or separately require periodic valuation or revaluation for any or some of the following purposes.

(a) Preparation of balance sheets or accounts.

(b) Privatization and/or commercialization.

(c) Insurance.

(d) As a good concern.

(e) Rating and taxation.

(f) Merger and acquisition

(g) For the determination of the worth of assets to be transferred in the case of liquidation.